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My Articles

The Role of AI in Modern Web Development

Explore how AI is reshaping the landscape of web development, introducing innovative solutions that streamline and enhance the web development experience, setting new standards for digital excellence.

MacBook Pro

Start an Online Business Without Heavy Investments: Proven Methods

Discover effective methods and strategies to start an online business without significant initial investments and learn how to boost your online presence.

Unleashing Y Combinator-backed Elevate: The Compelling Payment Alternative Debuts in Pakistan

Elevate your experience with this dynamic platform, setting new standards and providing a fresh perspective in the Pakistani market.

Starting an Ecommerce Business with No Money: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover the secrets to launching your own successful dropshipping Ecommerce business without needing any upfront capital.

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python JavaScript php angularjs React CSS mysql AWS mongo-db Docker wordpress woocommerce joomla django shopify


  1. Working with Salman was a great experience. His drive for clean aesthetics and his open communication style helped us collaborate closely on the solution.
    Rich Harris

    Harris Kareem

    Developer @Outlets

  2. Salman is a fantastic UI/UX designer and developer with a keen sense for marketing, and lead generation. He's the only designer I know who also has a deep understanding for code and front-end development.
    Andrew Mead

    Andrew Mead

    Chief Scientist @Logos

  3. Expert developer, experienced with various ecommerce business solutions and always make good impact on digital marketing with his strategic campaigns. I would work with Salman again.
    Brian Hirsh

    Brian Hirsh

    Head @Zero-in

  4. Salman is a true professional with amazing talent. He is a creative thinker, has his finger on the pulse of whats to come, and absolutely one of the quickest and best problem solvers I have ever met.
    Adam Argalye

    Adam Argalye

    SWE @Google

  5. Salman is one of my favourite people to work with. He's my go-to colleague when trouble shooting any new technique or technology because she understands how to tackle unknown problems with gumption.
    Val Head

    Val Head

    CEO @Engines

  6. Salman is a talented developer. He is very experienced with various media and can make any project you are working on look good. He is easy to work with and is a self starter. I would work with Salman again.
    Gary Simon

    Gary Simon

    A11y Advocate @W3C

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As a software engineer, I construct web interfaces and design systems with a special love for accessibility and the performance. I tend to code things from scratch and enjoy bringing ideas to life. Commencing my professional journey in 2012, I began as a freelance hobbyist and have since transformed into a skilled Full Stack Web Developer. Over the years, I've undertaken diverse projects as an in-person contributor and trusted consultant. My expertise encompasses Next Generation Web Applications Development, Ecommerce Business Solutions, Digital Marketing, and Cloud Engineering.

I specialize in crafting intelligent Digital Innovations. If you're seeking a seasoned professional for web development, comprehensive e-commerce solutions, strategic digital marketing, or robust cloud engineering, look no further. Contact me for inquiries or collaborations, and let's optimize your projects for success.

Salman Alee